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The Nonprofit FAQ: Communication & PR

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Email Links for NPR (9/9/97)
E-mail links for National Public Radio public affairs programs.
How can I plan a communications program for my nonprofits' work?
A website offers a free tool for careful planning of communications efforts.
How do volunteers use blogs? (new version available)
For that matter, what is a blog? Volunteers (and anyone else) can use these personal websites to report experiences, opinions, and interesting finds. For better or worse.
How much information should be provided to volunteers? (new version available)
It's important to accomodate a broad range of personal styles among volunteers, but there are still some kinds of information that everyone must have. Some information is always necessary though; here's a list of some things to consider.
How much leeway should a website editor have?
A website is an important way of presenting an organization to friends and strangers. When staff and volunteers can't agree on its content, what should be done?
What are the 10 'Immutable Laws of Fundraising'?
The act of fundraising is really the art of relationship-building. If development efforts haven't worked in the past, thinking about these laws will help in the formulation of a more realistic fundraising plan.
What do the news media think about nonprofits? (new version available)
This study done in the Seattle area includes careful interviews with key informants including editors and publishers.
What Must We, What Can We Disclose to the Public, Staff, Board and Clients?
A detailed review of the disclosure (and privacy protection) responsibilities of nonprofits.