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The Nonprofit FAQ

What US schools offer BA & graduate programs on nonprofits?
Graduate-level programs are listed at
Additions and revisions to this list are made from time to time;
please let us know if it can be
improved in any way. There is a website at Seton Hall University -- -- which classifies and analyses information about education programs around the country and offers several lists of institutions showing the types of programs offered.

Undergraduate programs associated with American Humanics are listed
at (see the list of schools under College
and University Affiliates).

There does not seem to be a reliable list of other undergraduate
offerings. We would be glad to learn of any source prospective
students might use to look for programs meeting their needs.

Sandra Pfau wrote to ARNOVA-L on
August 5, 1998, to say (in part):

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars'
initiated in the Spring 1996 to
encourage students to puruse careers in the nonprofit sector. The
program brings
students from colleges and universities across the country to
Washington, D.C. to participate in full-time (4 days per week,
through Friday) internships in Washington area nonprofit
organizations. As a service-learning program, the Nonprofit Leaders
Program also provides the students with preparation through
skill-development sessions and community service opportunities on
Mondays. There is limited information at the Center's website:

Reposted, with additions, 8/5/98; lightly edited 3/22/05; link corrected 1/28/06 -- PB