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The Nonprofit FAQ

Governmental Policies in the United States of America
Here are some resources for sorting out some of the ways various governments in the US define, regulate, support and cooperate with nonprofit organizations:

Federal Laws in the US — a listing of items in this Nonprofit FAQ on the topic
Federal Regulations in the US — another list; this one focuses on regulatory action in contrast the enacted legislation
Information state by state — there are local organization whose mission is to assist nonprofit organizations located in many US states; these lists provide links to many of them
Alabama to Montana:

Nebraska to Wyoming:

Since the Nonprofit FAQ started out as a reference for US-based inquiries, much of the rest of its content touches on how nonprofits operate in the United States.

Another item in the Nonprofit FAQ lists general resources for information and commentary on policies affecting nonprofits and similar organizations in many parts of the world. See

Posted 11/13/07 -- PB