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NAICS: 623990 - Largest/examples: P70 - P7 - Search P70 - Residential Care & Adult Day Programs

Organizations that provide alternative living arrangements for people who require care, supervision and support on a 24-hour basis or during part of the day. Use this code for organizations that provide residential, custodial care, but the specific nature of the facility is unclear, or which have multiple facilities which fall into more than one category below.

Key words: Custodial, Residential Care Facilities; Housing; Respite Care

Scope notes: Use this term for residential facilities for individuals who need custodial or developmental care. For facilities that offer residential care in conjunction with clinical treatment, use F33, Residential Mental Health Treatment. For facilities that are focused on serving children and young adults, use P76, Homes for Children & Young Adults.

See also: Residential Care for Children & Young Adults (P76); Foster Care (P32); Group Home (P73); Residential Mental Health Treatment Facilities (F33); Nursing Facilities (E91)

NAICS: 623311 - Largest/examples P75 - Search P75 - Supportive Housing for Older Adults

Residential facilities for older adults who are unable to function in an independent living environment because they need assistance with toileting, bathing, dressing, medication, meals and housekeeping and other activities of daily living, but do not require nursing care on a regular basis.

Key words: Assisted Living; Boarding Care Facilities; CCRCs; Continuing Care Retirement Communities; Group Homes for Seniors; Homes for Aging; Housing for the Elderly; Life Care Communities; Lifecare Communities; Personal Care Homes; Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly; Senior Board & Care; Senior Foster Care; Senior Residential Care Homes; Senior Residential Facilities

Scope notes: Use for housing arrangements for the elderly or aged who cannot live independently and need assistance with everyday activities. These facilities should be differentiated from Nursing Facilities (E91), which are restricted to long-term geriatric facilities providing supervised medical and nursing services and from Senior Citizensí Housing & Retirement Communities (L22), which are for residents who are mobile and can take care of themselves.

USE L22 Senior Citizensí Housing & Retirement Communities for HUD Section 202 Housing which provides options for seniors to live independently. Limited support activities such as cleaning, cooking, etc. are provided.

Term name revised 5/2005

See also: Nursing Facilities (E91); Public Housing (L21); Senior Citizens Housing & Retirement Communities (L22)

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